A massage chair pad is an excellent treatment for backaches, headaches, stress, anxiety and many similar conditions. A treatment such as this one is far better than over-the-counter-drugs or unnecessary hospital visits. What’s also great about them is you will find them to be the most affordable relief from most of your stress-related issues. Although, since there are tons of models and types available, you will find great variations in their prices, you should know that they are much cheaper than a massage chair.

Even the most basic models of massage chair pads available nowadays will include effective massage treatments including vibration and heat massages and will feature at least 4 massage nodes. These entry level massage chair pads can cost you only around $40. These are the most basic varieties that we are talking about and as you find more sophisticated options for yourself, naturally the prices will go slightly higher.

The mid-range massage chair pads will offer better features, greater massaging techniques and a greater number of massaging nodes. You will also have the option to choose a suitable size for yourself in certain models. With the features and the quality, the prices will also exceed the entry-level range. For such models, you can expect to pay anywhere around $100 to $200 depending on the brand the features that you go for.

If you have the budget to spend above $200, you will find plenty of options which offer many effective massage therapies, come with leather exteriors and are very relaxing to use. Although you will find some massage chair pad varieties that will go beyond $500 but if you’re willing to spend this much, a far smarter option would be to purchase a massage chair rather than a massage chair pad. Although massage chair pads are great and all, we cannot deny the fact that massage chairs can offer better features and greater comfort.

However if you have a shortage of space and are looking for a wonderful massaging experience no matter the price, you can find one of the high-end massage chair pads which can cost you as high as $700. Even the priciest massage chair pads will be much cheaper than a standard, mid-range massage chair costing you well above $1000.

So if you want an affordable relief from your muscle and back pains, stress and headaches, a massage chair pad is a great alternative to the expensive massage chairs and just as expensive sessions with a massage therapist.