Being a parent is one of the toughest but beautiful responsibility one can ever get. Once you become a parent, you will realize you need to be very cautious about your child. Provide them with good education, nurture them in the best way and feed them a healthy food so they live a happy and a healthy life. Newborns are very sensitive when it comes to health, so you must provide them only hygienic and healthy food. Feeding themĀ  an unhygienic food will cause food poisoning. How are you supposed to make sure that your child gets the healthy, pure and hygienic food? Simple make baby food at home. It will save your money, and you can be very sure that your food is healthy and free from any preservatives. Who knows whether these canned baby food are healthy and hygienic. Since babies cannot chew their food, you need to make a paste so that they can easily take it in. The best and the easiest way to prepare a baby food are with the help of the blender. If you are thinking of making baby food using your blender, here are some tips, which might help you.

When making your baby food makes sure to buy the fresh fruits and vegetables. Do not use the canned fruits and vegetables, as they are not fresh and even contain preservatives that are not good for baby health. Make sure to use the fruits and veggies that are easy to digest for the newborn otherwise they will cause trouble the digestion for the baby. While blending the fruits and vegetables make sure to clean them thoroughly.

Making a baby food in a blender is very easy and can be prepared in no time. First, make sure that baby raw can easily digest the vegetable or fruit you are using, or it needs to be steamed before blending. Some of the fruits that can be used as raw are mango, banana, peaches and plum. It is better to steam vegetables before you blend them. Fruits that are more fibrous, needed to be steamed before blending. Some of the fruits and vegetables that you can steam first are apples, carrots, green beans, potato, and peas.

Steaming food is also very easy, first of all whether you are steaming your fruits and vegetables or not, peel the skin and deseed the fruit and vegetable and make sure they are clean. After that slice than in small dice, place the ones that are needed to be steamed in the steamer and steam them until they can mashed easily be mashed with a spoon.

Now place all the fruits and vegetables in the blender and add milk or yogurt to help make a fine paste. Well there is no need to add sugar but if you feel that the food is little bit bitter than you must add honey instead of sugar so that it is more beneficial for the baby’s health. See how simple and easy it is to prepare a baby food at home, now store the food in small jars and refrigerate for later use.