Waring is known for presenting the first blender in America; nowadays it is famous as the senior most manufacturing company for professional equipment. It’s been 80 years since Waring started making expert kitchen equipment and promises and endeavors to make best, innovative and customized appliances to comply with the needs of the customer. They are prideful about their extending collection with the lofty expert products. Whatever your need is, whether you want food processors for industry or home, it offers best commercial food processors on your demand.

The company provides high-performance food processors and blenders. Moreover, they are heavy-duty, stable, high capacity and have alluring designs. The processors usually consist of a long feed tube, a polycarbonate bowl and high-performance motors with different horsepowers like ¾ to 2 horsepower. The pitcher of food processors is made of polycarbonate, although the material of pitcher does not affect the working or mixing capacity, but differs in durability, weight, and clarity as the polycarbonate pitcher is light in weight, and allows the chef to keep a check on the mixture. But when it comes to customer choice they always consider looks and style first and this material looks much attractive. The containers on these units are vertical, limiting the unit’s impression and utilizing gravity to its most extreme impact to maneuver fixings down into the mixing blades. All models aside from the biggest one have the licensed LiquiLock framework to counteract holes, and activity is made simple with paddle catches or touchpad controls. They are too simple to use, can be cleaned facilely. They are accurate and heavy-duty which makes them absolutely splendid equipment.

These food processors can perform multiple functions, and those functions can assist the easy preparation of food anywhere whether in industry or in homes. The multiple functions include slicing, shredding, grating, dicing, and most importantly mixing or pureeing etc.

Now let’s discuss some pros and cons of waring commercial food processors. The waring food processors are quality equipment with the appealing designs which attract the customer.      Moreover, it works at a high speed, long lasting as well as heavy duty and carries out multiple tasks. But unfortunately as they are high-quality products, their prices are too high than other food processors and because of being expensive not everyone can avail it. These sizes are also very big so they need much space.

Some most popular models of Waring Company are:

  1. Waring commercial WFP11SW sealed space saving batch bowl food processor with liquilock seal system 2 ½ quart. In this model, all liquid and semi-liquid items like soups, sauces, marinades etc can be processed without leaking. 
  2. Waring commercial WFP16SCD sealed batch bowl/ continuous dicing food processor with liquid lock seal system 4-quart bowl 2 hp. Used for preparation of dressings etc. it consists of S-Blade, whipping disc and slicing disc with different thicknesses.
  3. Waring commercial WFP14S batch bowl food processor with liquilock seal system, 3 ½ quarts. This model is used for slicing, shredding, grating, chopping, pureeing etc.
  4. Waring WFP11S batch bowl food processor with liquid lock seal system, 2½ quart ¾ hp. All of them are almost similar with small differences. It also works the same, used to slice, chop etc. no pre-cutting required.